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Sebring-комфорт, надежность, неординарность и радость от владения

Sebring-comfort, reliability, originality and joy of ownership
January 9, 2013, 4:32

Hello dear visitors this web resource.

I want to tell you a short story about the acquisition and operation of the vehicle Chrysler Sebring 2.7,186 hp year 2008.

Why I decided to write?

First, about this car, there is virtually no information on the Internet, so when choosing a Chrysler, I prosherstit entire Internet, but the information is always very scarce because the car is not Mass.

Secondly, I thought that I wrote a brief announcement on the car though someone so help in the selection.

So in March 2012 I was particularly puzzled by buying cars for themselves lyubimogo.V our family has one car, Volkswagen Tiguan 2011 onwards 2.0, 200 hp, but it is a machine of his wife, i.kak anyway I personally do not like this avtomobil.hotya plus he massa.V area of ​​my review were:

Toyota Camry

Nissan Teana

Volkswagen Passat

Most tended to Toyota because of their reliability, the only embarrassing that in St. Petersburg hijackers Toyota pulled like hot cakes with children rynka.V general went to the market and saw a burgundy Chrysler Sebring accident with white leather interior, to be honest, cars impress, I about such did not even hear, and only once in my life seen on the road in St. Petersburg, is no longer vstrechal.Zalez to the Internet, and they all look the sale 4-D machine Spb.Pozvonil to declare six months ago and URA !, car is not sold, the person who sells it, apparently not particularly in a hurry! So I bought this car in March, complete with winter tires, mileage 30 thousand kilometers (mileage honest), with a perfect leather interior and exterior vidom.Tak happened that former owner, the son of a secured dad was so pedantic, that little child is not disinfected when put in the car, and it pravda.On loved and cherished this car, but unfortunately the love of Infiniti FH 45 320 liters .s was stronger, and he decided to sell the Chrysler Sebring.

It was a small prelude now on the operation ...

What attracted me to the Chrysler Sebring?

1.Neobychnaya appearance, an amateur of course, but I'm just one fan)))) Terrible Mordas, nice ass, nice exhaust sound, sufficient power, acceptable fuel consumption, low-cost maintenance ... Based on the foregoing, I even closed his eyes for a lousy plastic in the cabin!

2. Lack of interest from the hijackers to this car, probably because of its non-proliferation in Russia. (By the way, it has become the main criterion for refusal of Toyota Camry)

3.Hotelos Americans try to make it true the myth that the Americans, it's stupid, rolls, devouring fuel being or still not?

First time sitting behind the wheel of Chrysler I was a little stunned by its size, I did not expect this, a couple of days to get used to the size, but rather driving backwards davno.Parkovatsya difficult, as the front bumper lip orangutan acts, so be careful when parking to the curbs.


The car is quite presentable, causing the attention and interest of others, but that's not the point.

The key is that each time, even after 9 months after purchase, when you approach the car, you're nice to open the door, sit in it, to get, and it's true, Chrysler does not cause me addiction and indifference, I do not know why .Each time after washing does not have a flock of admiring them, it would be desirable for it to be myt.hochetsya chistym.Menya wife had tingling and laughing at me about my frequent presence in our city sinks.

Traffic police Chrysler Sebring for some reason is not interested at all, no one-stop for a year.

Interior decoration.

Plastic, as I said poor, oak, cheap, with a hint of softness in the area torpedo.Kogda sat down for the first time, there was a small burp because of this, but, on the .Chudo passed two weeks Oia became ignore the rough finish salon, I even thought, which is pretty good)))) 0

Leather seats, yes, the number of passenger seats elektroregulirovok impressive, but the skin ... a feeling that the skin of the data used leather seats dead donkey))), it is some sort of rough and zhestkaya.Ya did not feel any discomfort until my brother sat in the car on the Toyota Avensis, and I felt how it uses soft leather, and most surprisingly, convenient, more comfortable than I have on my thick skin))

Ergonomics in the car comfortable, everything is clear and the day and are slow nochyu.ne prowl in search of a button, but there is one drawback I have worn off emergency stop button, often have to thank the other members of the movement, for what propustili.Ya polite at mogu.Kstati not another, it is one of the advantages of Chrysler, always and everywhere passed, back and then blinked a couple of times in the first nine months Ranged rovers, and all.))) 0Skazhu honestly surprised! On Volkswagen Tiguane no such respect on the road, definitely.

Low beam and fog me quite ustraivayut.menyat xenon not stal.Odin of the downsides, small, light bulbs that beam and rear stops for some reason three times burned out, nothing criminal, but a little tired.

In the back seat there is enough space for the three non-small lyudey.Nikto does not complain, and all those who are admired by the presence of rear legroom for passengers.

Microcomputer simplistic, but simple to use.

Convenient pressure monitoring system shinah.Est couple handy things like turning on a light when you open the car and off delay beam at closing avto.Udobno to the puddles in the dark ride.

What has pleased me inside the cabin, of course cupholders heated and cooled, and the passenger seat, which is a wonderful movement turns it into a table obedennyy.Udobno a long journey, I must say)))

I was also very pleased with the full-time music BOSE.YA certainly not an audiophile, but the sound in my opinion excellent.

Visibility due to the wide windscreen pillars at C grade, you have to be careful when turning, is that over the counter and Kamaz 5308 may be lost)))) kidding))

Dvigatel.2,7 186 hp

I like the sound of this machine dynamics obema.Razgonnaya me quite ustraivaet.Vkupe with a 6-speed automatic gets quite tolerable work without jolts and jerks, except in rare kicks in the ass when switching from 2nd to 3rd gear, many people think that the first to vtoruyu.Eto my all Sebring proiskhodit.Mashina not uniquely for racing, it would be desirable to go pretty spokoyno.No fool enough to outdo the same Camry 2.4, in any case, not 3.5, God forbid such traction, there 280 hp far as I know, chord, Nissan Teana, these classmates are left behind, but the turbo cars, be they are wrong)))) TFSI Tiguan, Passat TFSI, etc., is quite nimble on acceleration, left far behind ))), but at a speed of 120 km / h can be safely obhodit.V total offense to the machine does not give, if somewhere in a hurry, and no traffic jams, always have time)))) In turning the car behaves with confidence, in the winter in the bank to let hard, very stable on the road, no power of hell it will not move while driving.


I thought at first that it is slightly broken ... It turned out there, just simply 18 wheels make themselves known, suspension comfort on a flat road with a few potholes, but the bumpy road crawling like a cockroach, very much like that breaks, sorry for the wheel and the car.

At 40 km of suddenly caught fire Jackie Chan, made me a little panic, I confess, began to dig, read the forums, found in the diagnosis, this is a mistake of the left catalyst, said oxygen sensor is changed, fuel consumption does not affect the error is not critical, why I go so far with it, and especially do not worry, on the odometer has about 62 thousand km

The oil in this engine must be replaced every 10-12 thousand km.Vmesto 000 timing belt set tsep.Maslo the engine guzzles only with the active ezde.Letom I topped up about 2-3 liters per tys.km.Eto normalno.Zimoy I poured 1 liter per 12,000 km.Vot you and the difference in driving style.

Fuel consumption.

This is the question that many people do not give rest and interferes decide when choosing this machine.

Urban cycle in the summer of 11-12 liters. (Quiet ride)

Urban cycle in the summer of 13-15 liters (Aggressive driving)

Urban cycle in the winter of 12-13 liters (quiet ride)

Track-at a rate of 8-9 liters of 110-120 km / h

Frankly, that fuel to the engine to 2.7 Chrysler less than the cost of Tiguane 2.0TFSI.Menya consumption does not bother, because I think it is appropriate to this engine, of course I would be fewer who do not want to, but then you can look at Toyota Prius or Chevrolet Spark, then this question will disappear by itself.

People very much tormented by the question refueling, I can advise the installation of gas appliances Lovato-Italiya.Sam not set, but are all familiar dovolny.Raskhody fuel cut in the installation raza.Stoimost 6-cylinder motor 29 tys.Ballon gas instead of a spare wheel .Minus-you lose the spare tire.

Chrysler makes me happy and still por.Esli and will sell one of the cars, then selling Volkswagen))). Chrysler last ochered.Minus this machine is that it is difficult to sell on the secondary market, the process of selling at the right price can take a year order polugoda.Esli it does not frighten you, then you are welcome to visit)))), as they say.

New Chrysler, I would not buy because it was the depreciation in the first 3-4 goda.Mashina really losing value, but after the price is kept at an adequate level for quite a long time! And then just our way out, looking for a living unit and available money to acquire his property))))

Next car, which is planned to go, it's Chrysler 300C with an engine capacity of 3.5 liters. 253 l.s.Ochen really like this unit.
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